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Gingerbread Cottage     Prints on paper or Canvas  35in x 11in or 52in x16 in

 Welcome To John Ketley's Own Website   You will  find original Fine Art prints of my oil paintings.                PRINTS FROM $25 ! GO TO    JohnKetleyART on             ArtStoreFronts for the best value prints

bluewater-beach900 pix.jpg
  Bluewater Beach Prints on canvas or paper 40in x20in  or 54 in x28in
crab  boat 2.png
< Crab Boats 1  on paper or canvas 35in      x 11in or 52in x16             Crab Boats 2  >  same sizes  Choose both and have one each side of your fireplace for example
102kb crab2 - Copy.jpg
Pitch & Putt   34in x 11in or 52in x16in on canvas or paper
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